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As a premium gate installer and fencer, Character Gatemakers is the finest in Perth and Western Australia. We are a family operated business and have been in business since 1990. Character Gatemakers is famous all across the region for its amazing gate designs and products. We make unique custom fencing a dream come true. The best quality attention is paid to details and we develop the most economically and environmentally viable gates for your homes and mansions, buildings and commercial enterprises.

Our main products include building wrought iron works, gates and fences, balustrades, security doors and furniture. These products are designed and manufactured by us and are blends of various designs. We are one of the pioneers in gate and fence making in Australia and build these kinds of gates for our varied customers:

Besides gates and fences, we also build balustrades and handrails, security doors and staircases. We are the best gate maker in Perth and operate out Bayswater. We are keen on offerings products and services that help increase customer satisfaction in every step of the way.

As a company, we are known to deliver novel and beautiful products that enable customers in the high income category cherish and love. We are a favorite brand among home owners and businesses. We help fortify our customer’s dreams. The gates we produce are complete in their designs and are also installed without much of a problem.

With automatic and manual gates, we have been able to build the safety around homes the traditional way. With technological upgrades, we are now building the telescopic and cantiliver gates too. Our creations are functional, safe and sturdy at affordable cost. We are a trusted gate maker in Perth. We also offer 2 years guarantee and interest free finance on specific products.

We Manufacture

We manufacture all types of Custom made wrought iron.



Balustrade installation



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